Lean Engineering Inc.


Turnkey Systems

Lower labor costs Increase capacity

Improve quality. We handle it all.


Industries served

Automation for all fields

Automotive, HVAC, Aerospace, Medical, Construction, Defense and more

Processes Integrated                    

Power and Fuels

Electrical, Mechanical, Joining, Flame, Induction, Forming, Stamping, Cutting, Dispensing, Folding and more


Stamping and Dies

Sheet Metal Dies, Progressive Stamping, Value added Stamping Automation, In Die Tapping and more

Global Capacity    

Countries Shipped To

Domestic USA, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe,

China and beyond. We are familiar with the special requirements of machinery in other parts of the world

Customers Serviced

First and Second Tier Suppliers such as Trane, Contitech, Delphi, Parker, Baxter, and more

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