Great designs need well made parts.

Best materials, Best quality control

For a great design to work it has to have parts that are up to the challenge. Our capabilities, both internal and the vendors we approve are dedicated to providing the highest quality parts available.

Machining ends with the Finish

Hard coat, Color anodize, Nitride, and more

Tolerance is critical but the surface  often makes all the difference.


Our Designers detail in 3D

From there you can look at it from every angle to be sure it\\\'s what you are looking for before we cut the first chip

Its whats inside that counts

Heat treatment

Knowing how metals respond to heat treatment matters. Our staff has deep knowledge of alloys, what heat treatment does to them and what specs need to be called out


Material selection

More expensive does not always mean better service. We have many years of experience choosing the best, and most cost effective, materials for the application.


Machining Starts with the Print

3_d_assembly_finished.jpg manifold_tooling.jpg crimper_plate.jpg